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Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of terms and conditions, wherever the context requires, “you”, “your”, “user” shall refer to any person who is a registered/unregistered person accessing anayastore.in. The terminology “we”, “our”, “us” “website”, “company” is used for Anayastore.in and its owner and directors.

Your use of anayastore.in and all the products, services, web pages provided by the website are governed by the given terms and conditions. By using the website including but not limited to browsing, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as drafted by the company.

If you visit, browse, register, and/or use any of the services provided by anayastore.in including but not limited to visit the website, you accept the terms of service. The agreement applies to everyone including visitors, registered users, buyer, and provider/contributor of content, information or of any other service to the website.

  • Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy carefully before using the website, your visit on anayastore.in is governed by terms of service and privacy policy. Bu using this website you are accepting and agreeing to the our privacy policy. We take the privacy and security of our visitor/user/buyer seriously and hence we encourage you to read it to know more about what, why and how the information collected from you is shared and used.

  • Website Access

  1. The services of anayastore.in are eligible to adults i.e. to people who are 18 and above. The services offered by the website are not available to minors i.e. to people under the age of eighteen (18).
  2. By using the website, you agree that you are of a legal age to form a binding agreement and are not underage to use services offered by the website as per Indian laws. A legal guardian should oversee the use of services provided by anayastore.in by minors, as the Indian law requires.
  3. Anayastore.in reserves the right to terminate/suspend the account of any user upon discovering them ineligible to use the website in the event if we find that you are under 18.
  • Registration

If you register with the website, following terms and conditions will apply:

  1. It will solely be your responsibility to maintain the privacy and security of your user name and password
  2. You will be responsible for any activity that happens in your account and under your account name.
  3. You will not have more than one registered account on the website.
  4. You will not trade, sell or transfer your account to any other user.
  5. Anayastore.in reserves the right to refuse access or registration to any new user or terminate and/or suspend the account of any registered user indefinitely or permanently.
  6. Any account shall be terminated or suspended if we find any of the information provided by you including name, address, phone number and other such personal information during registration or any time after that, to be untrue, incomplete, inaccurate, false or not in compliance with the terms of agreement of the website.
  • User Account, Password and Security

  1. Most of the features and services of the website are only available to registered users.
  2. If you have provided us with the required personal information and registered with anayastore.in by creating an account on the website itself or by registering through any of the social media portals or through any other valid email ID, it is only then that you will be able to use the services offered by us.
  3. The website allows limited access to registers that do not have an account or are not registered users.
  4. The terms of agreement regarding registration and security of a registered account are disclosed in section 3 of this agreement.
  5. Anayastore.in reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of any user if any violation or breach in the terms of agreement is discovered to be done by the specific user.
  • Payment

  1. Payment for any of the selected items in your cart can be done through a number of payment models as selected by the user/buyer as follows:
  2. On billing, the payment model includes VillaPay facility, cash deposit, cheque and DD. The payment modes through VillaPay include payment through financial institutions, Indian banks, third party service provides and credit/debit/cash cards or through any other such payment mode for payment, collection and/or refund authorized by the Reserve Bank of India.
  3. On delivery, the payment mode is Cash on Delivery. It must be noted that if a buyer declines/cancels the order upon delivery, it will result in termination of COD payment mode for the specific user, the same may also result in termination of the user account.
  4. Upon making a purchase, you shall submit accurate and correct credit card/debit card information to the associated payment gateway.
  5. You shall not use any unlawfully owned credit card/debit card for payment
  6. Your credit card/debit card will not be shared with any of the third party except with the specific person or party involved in the payment model.
  7. In the event of a court order or regulation or if there is a criminal proceedings against a user, anayastore.in will be at the liberty to share the details to adhere to the court order or legal notice.
  8. Anayastore.in is not responsible for cancellation of any transaction or decline of payment arising from any direct or indirect reason. Any loss or damage caused by cancellation or declination of payment is not our liability or responsibility.
  9. By providing modes of payment to users, this website is not acting as a fiduciary with respect to payment or transaction amount.
  • User agreement

You agree and accept that your use of this website will be governed by the given rules. The user shall not modify, share, update, transmit or host any information that:

  1. You do not have a right to i.e. belongs to another person
  2. Is unreliable, deceiving or misleading in any way
  3. Is sexually explicit, obscene, racist or bigotry or is any way offensive to any cast or community
  4. Promotes hatred, pedophilia, violence of any kind against any specific cast and community
  5. Endorses illegal activity or any activity that is abusive, defamatory or obscene
  6. Promotes unauthorized sharing, selling, publishing of content owned by someone else, thereby breaching the Indian copyright law, trademark law or violates the intellectual property rights
  7. Contains pirated software, spam messages, links, music files or other such files linked to pirated computer software
  8. Promotes harassment or abuse of another person
  9. Violates any of the third party right including but not limited to intellectual proprietary rights, rights of privacy including name, address, email address, phone number and rights of publicity
  10. Is harmful, improper, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, racist, hateful, harassing, abusive, insulting, defamatory, ethnically objectionable, pedophilic or objectionable in any which way
  11. Provides any improper and obscene instructional information regarding the above
  12. Promotes unlawful  and illegal activities like laundering, gambling, trafficking or any other criminal activity in any manner
  13. Violates someone’s privacy
  14. Includes threats, violent remarks directed at any one person or community, including but not limited to indecent portrayal and representation of women, as mentioned under the Indecent Representation Of Women Act, 1986
  15. Involves transmission of spam messages, emails, mass mailing, junk mail or any such activities
  16. Contains any form of hidden images or links or links to restricted password only access page
  17. Contains images, video or any graphics of another person
  18. Is intended at making commercial and non-personal use of information taken from other user or from the website
  19. Is aimed at getting unauthorized access to blogs, articles, profiles, community pages or account information of the website, otherwise restricted
  20. Involves commercial activities or sales activities without prior consent, pyramid schemes, advertising are some of the commercial activities strictly prohibited
  21. Interferes with anther user’s use of the website or threatens them in any manner
  22. Infringes, copies or uses trademark or logos of anayastore.in or of any of the third party or breaches the trademark, copyright, third party rights, rights of publicity, rights of privacy and proprietary rights.
  23. Promotes sale of contraband or unlawful products
  24. Contains time tombs, worms, Trojan horse, cancelbots, Easter eggs and other such potent damage causing viruses that can weaken, interfere with or seize the working of the website or any of its feature or interfere with the use of the website by other users
  25. Violates any governing or applicable law
  26. Refers to any website that contains content or material that is not appropriate for the website or violates its terms of use
  27. Contains malware, software, virus or any such compute code, which can disrupt, dismantle or damage the functionality or any computer resource or the website.
  28. Harms, threatens or exploit minors in anyway including but not limited to reference to nay product which is not safe or fit to be used by them.
  • Reviews, Comment, Communication

  1. Users, visitors or buyers at anayastore.in may post reviews, comments, send it suggestions, queries or ask for other information, as long as the content is not obscene, threatening, contains objectionable, defamatory, illegal, invasive or breaches intellectual property rights or contains any virus, commercial or political campaign, mass mailing or any form of spamming.
  2. You shall not use any false email address or impersonate anyone.
  3. If your post content that complies with the terms laid down by us, you agree for us to use, modify, share, re post, publish, translate, distribute or display the content through any media in a non-exclusive, royalty free manner without any binding agreement or licensing.
  4. You own the right and/or control the rights to the content that you post. You shall make sure that none of the content that you post violates the terms of agreement or causes any kind of harm/injury to any person.
  5. Anayastore.in has the right to monitor and delete the content that you post which violates our terms of agreement, however anayastore.in is not liable or obliged to monitor, edit or remove any content posted by you or any third party.
  • Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All the data/content on the website including but not limited to text, graphics, images, audio clips, video clips, logos, button icons, digital downloads, software or any other form of data or information are protected and preserved by copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights.
  2. The compilation of all of the content available on anayastore.in is the exclusive property of anayastore.in and is protected under the Indian copyright law.
  3. All the data on the website is meant for personal and non-commercial use of visitor/user/buyer and no user shall copy, post, republish, distribute, reproduce or transmit any material in any which way.
  4. Use of material for any other purpose other than personal use is considered a violation of the Indian copyright law, trademarks and intellectual proprietary rights.
  5. You must not assist any third person in violating or breaching the copyright law.
  6. If you see copyright infringement or a breach of trademark and intellectual proprietary right on Anayastore.in, you may contact us regarding the same.
  7. The logo, button logo, trademark used on the website are registered and/or unregistered trademarks or logos of anayastore.in or of respective third parties.
  • Indemnity

You shall indemnify anayastore.in, its owner, license and respective directors, employers and agents from all and any liability that arises from your use of the website including attorney fees or penalty as imposed by any third party caused by your breach of the terms of service, privacy policy and/or violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation.

  • Governing law

The laws of India shall apply and courts in Delhi shall have complete jurisdiction on any of the legal issues that arise from breach of the terms of service or privacy policy.

  • Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

This website is provided by anayastore.in on an “As is” and “as available” basis. Anayastore.in disclaims all warranties, express or implies, including but not limited to implied warranties in concern of merchantability and fitness of a particular purpose. Anayastore.in does not warrant or claim that the email sent from anayastore.in is free of virus or any other harmful components. Anayastore.in shall not be liable for any damage of any kind that arises from your use of this website including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, and punitive and/or consequential damages.

Anayastore.in make no claim or warranties of any kind, express or implied in reference to the operation of the website or as to the information, content, material or products included on the site. By using the website and agreeing with the terms of agreement, you agree that the use of this site is at your sole risk.

  • Modification in TOS

Anayastore.in reserves the right to change, alter, modify the terms of service anytime. We request and encourage our users to check for updates frequently on the website. Notice regarding updating/modification shall be posted on the website.

  • Cancellation of Order

  1. Any change in the order can be made if and only if the order has not been shipped yet by anayastore.in. Any addition, change in quantity or in certain specification can only be made before the order is shipped and the change shall be modified in the order details.
  2. For cancellation of an order or quantity reductions, it is essential that the request be initiated before the order is shipped. All sales are final once the order has been shipped.
  3. Anayastore.in reserves the right to cancel any accepted order if there is any problem in the selected payment mode or if the credit department does not approve your credit.
  4. Technical issues pertaining to pricing may cause cancellation of any order by anayastore.in, non-availability of the ordered product or if a problem is recognized in the payment process due to any prior credit issue or payment problems.
  • Contact Information

For any query regarding the term of service or privacy policy, please contact the customer support at support@anayastore.in or use our contact us page.